Fashion Design - Website Projects (8)

Dutch Touch

Dutch Touch is a special online project website created by the Dutch Fashion Foundation to promote Dutch fashion designers and their projects in foreign cities such as Berlin, Firenze, Milan, Paris, New York with also some projects in Amsterdam.

I built this portfolio and news website with 'Joomla' CMS (Content Management System), so my client can update new products and information herself, keeping costs low. Instead of image galleries we chose to present the work using PDF files.


Skin Denim

Skin Denim was a fashion denim brand & label, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, which produced denim products for both men & women.

I designed and developed this website with 'Joomla' CMS (Content Management System), so my client could update new products and information himself, keeping costs low. I also built in a Virtuemart webshop with payment & delivery modules, for online sales of these products and was hired to do photoshop work on one of their main collections. This website currently is offline as the company doesn't exist any more.


Dutch Fashion Foundation

The Dutch Fashion Foundation (DFF) strengthens the social, economic and cultural role of Dutch fashion on a national and international level. Based in Amsterdam, DFF manages a network of the most talented Dutch fashion designers and is a key figure in the creative network of photographers, graphic designers and fashion artists.

I developed this custom made website a while ago, using HTML and a JavaScript Menusystem, and built in a CMS (Content Management System) called Adobe Contribute so my client can update her website herself, keeping costs low.

Nata Ryzh Featured

Nata Ryzh

NATA RYZH is a fashion designer and her designs reflect honesty and balance where every cut and line has its purpose and place. Each collection is unique in its own way, where often NATA RYZH vision is translated with a constant juxtaposition of light and dark colour contrasts, unique prints, flattering lines and distinct use of hard and fluid textures.

This new website (also made the older one) presents NATA RYZH's portfolio, her collections and general information like shops where her products can be purchased, and she also keeps her Press and News pages up-to-date. Be sure to check out her Collections in her Gallery, if you are on mobile you can Swipe through. I designed and built it with 'Joomla' CMS (Content Management System), so my client can update her portfolio and website information herself, keeping costs low.


Mada van Gaans

Mada van Gaans, one of the top designers of The Netherlands, creates highly feminine, though slightly futuristic edgy women's wear collections. Her designs are a divine mix between fantasy, luxury and comfort.

I designed and built this minimalistic website years ago, using just HTML and CSS, in a size that would fit all 15 inch screens. I built in a CMS (Content Management System) called Adobe Contribute, so my client can update her website herself, keeping costs low. I also was hired to do her catwalk photography a few times during Amsterdam International Fashion Week.


Eleonore de Ruuk

Eleonore de Ruuk was established in 2006 by Amsterdam based fashion designer Eleonore de Ruuk. The label stands for a high profiled contemporary style with a sportive touch for men, women and children and is recognisable for its graphic cut. The concept is based on a multifunctional, relaxed, innovative and timeless approach.

I developed this visual website using HTML and by slicing & linking premade images in Adobe Fireworks. Besides this website I was hired by Eleonore to do the photography shoot of one of her collections. I also built a webshop for her, you can view a screenshot of the websop by clicking on this link.



YASOSH is a Turkish fashion brand that produces uniquely designed garments; in this website Yasemin presents a special collection of panchos that she designed using wool as a main source of material.

I designed and developed this Adobe Flash website years ago and integrated Yasemin's logo and brochure backgrounds into the design, and also built in to this design a custom made music player. You need Adobe Flash player to view this website.


Van Ijsseldijk

Dorine van Ijsseldijk is a fashion designer that produces clothing for theatre productions and other special projects.

I built and designed this website years ago with custom HTML coding and a customized PHP Portfolio Album system with which my client could update and edit albums.